It’s Here! The First Simple, Customizable, Field Data Collection Tool

With the new e-sens app, collecting all your water testing data has never been easier.

Our field collection system is free, compliant, fully customizable, and integrates into any current LIMS or SCADA system using a web-based database. You can use the e-sens ROAM™ or any of your water testing equipment to track your test results.

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How It Works

Step 1

Create your personal account

To start, download the e-sens app from the Apple App store or Google Play store. If you were invited click the “Sign Up!” link in the email, otherwise open the app and click “SIGN UP” in the bottom right corner.

If you were invited your Group Code will already be populated or can be found in the email. If you are starting a new company use the message at the bottom to register a new company, upon completion a group code will be sent.

Fill in your user information, read and agree to the TERMS and CONDITIONS, then click SUBMIT.

Step 2


Go to the settings menu using the button in the top right.

Using the “Manage Locations” menu you can create and save water sources to track their water quality parameters over time. A GPS record will be saved to automatically detect the location for future use.

Use the “Manage Parameter Lists” to create unique parameter lists for any type of test kit. Add any parameter to track and organize by simply dragging and dropping.

Step 3

Create, View, and Share Test Results

Select “Test”, then “Collect Data”, and select your Custom Parameter List to get started.

From the test results screen add important notes or any additional parameters you would like to track. These results will be instantly available to your team once submitted.

Use the GRAPH button to view historical trends of the water quality by location.

In the TEST RESULTS section of the app you can access archived test results completed by anyone on your team. Touch and hold on tests to export single or multiple records to share or export data for use in your current LIMS or SCADA system.

Benefits of Using the e-sens Data Collection App with ROAM

Setting up your ROAM:

1. Connect instrument to the wall charger

2. Open e-sens app and sign into your account

3. From the app dashboard select Devices


5. Select the device that matches the number on the bottom of your ROAM

6. Turn on the Auto Calibration feature and set your desired calibration time. Then click SAVE

Using your own device:

If you’re not using the ROAM instrument, the process is almost as simple. Simply enter your parameters in each field as the test results become available from your instrument of choice. Once the data is entered into the app, it will then be available to share immediately.

1. Conduct the test on your own device

2. Enter the results on your smart device using the e-sens data collection app

3. Share the results with your team (also available as a web-based app)

Benefits of Using the e-sens Data Collection App:

1. Results populate automatically

2. No manual data entry is required

3. Available to share within minutes

4. Time and location stamp provided for each test

5. Easily track past test results

Get Started

Download the App

Using the e-sens data collection app is easy. You can get started in a few small steps and begin collecting data and monitoring your water quality.

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