It’s Here! The First Simple, Customizable, Field Data Collection Tool

With the new e-sens app, collecting all your water testing data has never been easier.

Our Field collection system is free, compliant, fully customizable, and integrates into any current LIMS or SCADA system using a web-based database. You can use the e-sens ROAM or any of your water testing equipment to track your test results.

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App Features That Users Love

  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Customizable Parameters
  • Compliance Alerts
  • User Tracking
  • Database Management
  • Integration With Your Current LIMS or SCADA System
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Paperless Capture
  • Secure Cloud Storage

How It Works

Using the app is easy. You can get started in a few small steps and begin collecting data and monitoring your water quality.

Step 1

Create Your Unique Personal Account

  1. To start, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Click the Sign Up” button in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions and enter your phone number when prompted.
  3. Next, enter the name of your company and it will auto-populate. If it does not appear, you will need to create a company account using the Register Here button at the bottom.

Note: The person creating the company account will become the admin and will have full control of the settings and parameters. The e-sens ROAM instrument is not required to use the e-sens app.


Step 2

Select Your Testing Parameters

  • Select “Test” and then select “Test Other Parameters” to begin.
  • Use the geolocation button to select and use your current testing location or set your location manually.
  • A list of many popular water quality parameters will appear. Add as many new tests as needed.

Step 3

View and Share Your Test Results

If you’re using the e-sens ROAM instrument, a record will be captured automatically, allowing you to review and share them immediately from your mobile device. You can also access archived test results on demand by date and location.


Benefits of Using the App with ROAM

  • Results populate automatically
  • No manual data entry required
  • Available to share within minutes
  • Time and location stamp provided for each test
  • Easily track past test results

Setting up your ROAM:

  1. Connect instrument to the wall charger
  2. Open e-sens app and sign into your account
  3. From the app dashboard select Devices
  4. Select ADD A NEW DEVICE
  5. Select the device that matches the number on the bottom of your ROAM
  6. Turn on the Auto Calibration feature and set your desired calibration time. Click SAVE

Note: Sensor cartridge will not be functional until after initial calibration.

Using Your Own Device

If you’re not using the ROAM instrument, the process is almost as simple. Simply enter your parameters in each field as the test results become available from your instrument of choice. Once the data is entered in the app, it will then be available to share immediately.

  • Conduct the test on your own device
  • Enter the results on your smart device using the e-sens app
  • Share the results with your team (also available as a web-based app)

Step 4

Reorder Cartridges and Instruments as Needed

e-sens ROAM cartridges last 30 days or 100 tests and we’ve made it easy to reorder them using the app. You can also order additional ROAM devices for your team as needed.

Reordering through the app is easy!


Replacing sensor cartridges on ROAM:

  1. Remove new cartridge from shipping box
  2. Remove old cartridge by depressing the side clips and pulling it apart
  3. Slide in new cartridge until side clips snap securely into unit
  4. Press the device button and it will turn blue indicating the cartridge is successfully installed and is ready to calibrate
  5. Note: Sensor cartridge will not be functional until after initial calibration.
  6. To manually calibrate ROAM, push the blue button. After it lights up blue, immediately, push it again and it will blink blue while it is calibrating. Note: If you’ve turned on the AUTO CALIBRATION feature in Settings the ROAM device will conduct a daily calibration at 6 AM local time.

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