Finally, a Simple, Customizable Field Data Collection Tool

e-sens is changing the way water quality is both measured and how data is collected. Whether you use our revolutionary (ROAM) device or not, collecting all your water testing data has never been easier. We offer the first FREE, compliant, fully customizable field collection system that integrates into any current LIMS or SCADA system, with a web-based database.

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Generate results from 23 different testing parameters with ZERO waste.

Reduce error and improve the accuracy of your water quality testing.

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e-sens e-sens

Fast, accurate, real-time water testing in the palm of your hand.

Meet ROAM™.

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Simplify with e-sens Cartridges

Eliminate cumbersome calibrations and reagent-based testing to save time and cost. Each cartridge lasts at least 30 days or performs 100 tests.

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Real-Time Field Data Transmission.

Results are transmitted in real-time through any mobile device, providing the central office with immediate results.

What Matters Most: Accuracy

Using solid-state silicon sensors, e-sens technology provides a low-cost solution that improves reliability, electronic read-out and overall data accuracy.


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