Data Use & Privacy Policy

E-SENS is the company responsible for publishing the site, e-sens app, producing and marketing products and services, including the e-sens ROAM.

Private data protection issues are among the major concerns of E-SENS. To ensure complete transparency, the company has drafted a Privacy Policy.

As part of its approach, E-SENS listens to its Clients (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer” or the “User”, or the “User” or the “Visitor”). Also, in case of questions about this privacy policy, the customer is invited to contact E-SENS by e-mail ( ) or any other means to obtain more information.

As part of its business and products offered for sale, including ROAM, E-SENS collects data. This private data is grouped into 2 categories:

  • Personal data: data that identify, directly or indirectly, a person, collected during the set-up of the application and / or when ordering on the Website (the “Website”)
  • Water Quality Data: water parameters and data taken by e-sens connected device or by the “User” directly.

The application, the Website and any document or support, paper or digital, from the company E-SENS and whose purpose is to collect the data will be hereinafter referred to as the “Service”.

1. Personal Data

If you want to modify, rectify or opt out of an E-SENS online program you may contact us by sending your request by mail to: E-SENS, 630 Komas Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84108 or by e-mail

E-SENS will make every effort to respond to the Customer’s request as quickly as possible.

2. General information about cookies and data collected during your visit:

When the user accesses the E-SENS Services from the Website, some non-personal data is retained.

This information, collected automatically using various technologies, does not identify precisely the user. As a result, this information is not considered to be Personal Data.

E-SENS may store the information itself and / or information may be stored in the database held and maintained by E-SENS’s affiliates, agents or service providers. The Website may use this information and cross-reference it with other information, for example, to remember the total number of visitors accessing the Site, the number of visitors to each page of the Site, and the provider’s domain name of Internet Services of each visitor.

By operating the Website, E-SENS uses technology called ‘cookies’. A cookie is information that the computer hosting the Website provides to the user’s browser when accessing our Site. Cookies help to provide additional functionality to the Website and allow for a more detailed analysis of its use. For example, the Website may set a cookie on the user’s browser to allow access to the Site without having to enter the password more than once.

In some cases, prior written consent will be required in order to use certain types of cookies. In cases where the use of cookies is effective, E-SENS only collects personal information with your permission. For more information on cookies and their deactivation, refer to the help section of internet browsers.

E-SENS recommends that cookies be enabled to the extent that they allow the user to take advantage of certain functions of the Site and the Services.

We may utilize Google Display Advertising (such as Retargeting with Google Analytics, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration, and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting) to (1) show you our ads on other websites based on your prior visits to our Site, and (2) better understand our ad impressions and use of ad services. In connection with the Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting service, we may use data from Google’s interest-based advertising or third-party audience data (such as age, gender and interests) with Google Analytics to understand and improve our marketing campaigns and site content.

You can opt out of Google Ads by visiting If you do not want your data used by Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on at the Google Analytics opt-out page. To learn more about cookies and other tracking technologies, including how to disable them, please visit

3. Information collected by E-SENS:

Whenever the Customer interacts with E-SENS on the Services, Personal Data and Water Quality Data are collected, as well as other information, as further detailed below:

  • Personal Data that you provide as a result of your registration on the App or Website, and / or when placing an order on the App or Website and / or when setting up the application. This Personal Data includes: email address, last name, first name, delivery address, billing address, mobile and / or fixed phone number, type of facility, location data, / the operating system of your smartphone. Except as part of a product purchase order on the Website, E-SENS does not collect any information related to your credit card or any other financial information. The company also collects information when you utilize a Roam product, such as the location of the installation. E-SENS may also collect Personal Data or Water Quality Data by automated means used to monitor or operate the Services, such as, but not limited to, information about your product, its capabilities and applications, how it is used, the activities related to the Services, the IP address of the user, the browser, etc. E-SENS also saves your password (s). They are however inaccessible and absolutely by no means usable by E-SENS.  E-SENS also saves your password (s). They are however inaccessible and absolutely by no means usable by E-SENS. E-SENS may also collect Personal Data or Water Quality Data by automated means used to monitor or operate the Services, such as, but not limited to, information about your product, its capabilities and applications, how of which it is used, the activities related to the Services, the IP address of the user, the browser, etc. E-SENS also saves your password (s). They are however inaccessible and absolutely by no means usable by E-SENS.
  • Personal Data and Water Quality Data is collected by the connected Roam unit: E-SENS collects Personal Data and Water Quality Data of the connected object used at the Customer’s site. The following are collected:  temperature, time, alkalinity, hardness, conductivity,  pH  chlorine (free and total), ORP, monochloramine, dissolved solids, ammonia (free and total), biocide-food ratio, Calcium Hardness, Magnesium Hardness, Total Hardness, Ionic Calcium, Ionic Magnesium, CO2, Total Ammonia w/ MCl, Langelier Index, Ryzner Index, and any other test parameter that is entered into the system or App or via E-SENS Services.
  • Personal Data provided via other E-SENS Services. For example, E-SENS collects Personal Data when the user responds to a survey, registers to benefit from a promotional or special offer, or sends an email message, participates in a forum or interacts with our articles or press on our website or app.

By voluntarily providing us with Personal Data and Water Quality Data, Customer consents that E-SENS will use them in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. If the user provides Personal Data and Water Quality Data through the Services, he acknowledges and agrees that such Personal Data and Water Quality Data may be transferred from his location to the offices and servers of E-SENS, and all other authorized third parties cited in Articles 4 and 5 of this document, all located in the US.

4. Use of your Personal Data and other Information

It is recalled here that E-SENS uses Personal Data and Water Quality Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

E-SENS uses the Customer’s Personal Data and Water Quality Data only for the purposes intended, including, but not limited to, the purposes described below:

  • Implementation and monitoring of the Services: E-SENS uses the Users’ Personal Data and the Water Quality Data to allow access to the Services and the follow-up of the use of these Services. As part of the Services, E-SENS uses your Personal Data and Water Quality Data to provide you with analysis and advice, as needed.
  • Sharing with third party partners, distributors / resellers: in the context of certain partnerships, E-SENS may need to share the Personal Data and the Water Quality Data with the reseller or distributor from whom equipment or Services was purchased, or, as part of a purchase on the Website. The distributor and / or the reseller undertakes to use this personal data and these measures exclusively for commercial purposes, such as, for example, a non-exhaustive list, to anticipate inventory management or projections, or to send the Customer discounts or offers.  Under no circumstances may the distributor or reseller resell the Customer’s data, which remains the property of E-SENS. The Customer has the right to access, modify and delete this Personal Data. A simple request by e-mail is enough. This will be confirmed by return mail. The actions taken will be effective within 30 full days. The Customer also has the right to suspend the transfer of his Personal Data and Water Quality Data. This suspension is done by the agreement of the general conditions of use requested to the Customer during the set-up of the application, and also in the settings of the application. The suspension – or reactivation – of this transfer agreement will be effective within a maximum of 30 full days (statutory period). In case of suspension, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to waive any claim against E-SENS,
  • Surveys, contests and other special offers: from time to time, E-SENS offers its Users the opportunity to participate in surveys, contests and other special offers. If, on this occasion, the User provides Personal Data, this Personal Data will only be used for these purposes.
  • Questions and requests: if the Internet user contacts by email or by any other means E-SENS, the Personal Data mentioned will only serve to answer or solve the problem.
  • Communication about Products, Services and Events: when the user registers with the E-SENS Services, he accepts that E-SENS may from time to time use the Personal Data in order to be contacted in the future and to be kept informed of Products, Services and events that may be of interest. These communications will be made with the possibility of declining participation at any time, upon request.
  • Data Research and Analysis : in an effort to understand and respond to the needs of Users of its Site and Services, E-SENS regularly conducts research on the profile, interests and behavior of its users, as well as on measurements made by the Product. These searches are based on data, measurements and other anonymized information. This research can be gathered and analyzed as raw or aggregated data and E-SENS can share this anonymous data with advertisers, researchers, business partners, publications or any other third party. These data will not identify the Customer and will not be considered as Personal Data.
  • Improved Services : E-SENS may use Personal Data, Water Quality Data, Aggregate Personal Data or any other anonymous data collected through the Services to improve the content and functionality of the Services, and to better understand the users and to improve our Services.
  • Orders: E-SENS may use the Personal Data collected through the Site to respond to orders for Products that may be made through the E-SENS Services. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, E-SENS will use the Customer’s credit card and any other financial information for the sole purpose of processing and executing the order, and always with prior agreement.

5. Disclosure of your Personal Data and other Information

E-SENS considers that Personal Data and privacy are central to the relationship with the Customer.

Some Personal Data and Water Quality Data may however, under certain circumstances, be shared with third parties and used by these third parties, without further notice, in the cases mentioned below:

  • Divestiture of businesses: As E-SENS develops its business, purchases and sales of certain activities are likely. In the event of sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or any other similar arrangement, the Personal Data and Water Quality Data may be part of the transferred assets.
  • Legal requirements: E-SENS may disclose Personal Data if required by law or if it may believe in good faith that it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation, protect or defend the rights or property of E-SENS, act in an emergency to defend the personal safety of users of the Site or the public, or provide protection for legal liability.
  • Third parties during the action or authorization of the Customer: if the Customer decides to share his Personal Data or Water Quality Data on other platforms than the Website or the Services, such as, without limitation, the social networking sites, or to make the Personal Data or Water Quality Data available to all, other users as third parties, the Customer must be aware that such Personal Data or Water Quality Data may be used by any third party.
  • Anonymized Personal Data: As already stated above, we may share information about your Personal Data, not in the form of Personal Data. For example, we may share aggregated, raw or anonymous data with advertisers, researchers, business partners, publications, or any other third party.

6. Your choices

The customer has the choice to authorize or not to be contacted by E-SENS, and / or by third parties offering their products, services and / or events likely to be of interest. The Customer can control these choices by contacting us at any time if you have questions about this Privacy Notice or the Personal Information we collect about you. You can also opt-out or unsubscribe from any of our services.

Please contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” link, by using the E-SENS contact information on the mobile application, or by emailing us at . Alternatively, you may send a letter to the following address:

Attn: Privacy
630 Komas Dr
SLC, UT 84108

In all communications, please include your email address, the Web site address, mobile application, and/or the specific product to which you provided Personal Information, and a detailed explanation of your request. If you would like to delete, amend, or correct your Personal Information and are contacting us by email, please put “Deletion Request” in the subject line of the email.

7. Exclusions

This Privacy Policy does not apply to personal data collected by E-SENS other than the Personal Data and Water Quality Data collected through the Site, Services and Products.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to unsolicited information that Customer provides to E-SENS through the Site or by any other means. This includes, but is not limited to, information published in any of the public areas of the Site, such as product reviews and advisories, any new product or product modification ideas, existing and any other unsolicited information (the “Unsolicited Information”). All unsolicited information is considered not to be confidential and E-SENS is free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute such unsolicited information to third parties without limitation or charge.

8. Links with other Websites

This Privacy Policy applies only to the E-SENS Site or Services. The Site may display links to other Sites that are not managed or controlled by E-SENS (the “Third Party Sites”). The policies and procedures described here do not apply to Third Party Sites. Links from the Site do not imply that E-SENS approves or has verified said Third Party Sites. E-SENS advises the Customer to read the privacy policies of Third Party Sites or to contact them for more information on their data management policy.

9. Security

E-SENS takes reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data provided through the Site against loss, misuse, disclosure, modification or destruction.

However, no transmission via internet or email is never completely protected or error-free. Thus, the security of the mails sent from the Site or to the Website cannot be guaranteed. We invite users to be extremely cautious when sending information via email or internet transmissions.

10. Change of Privacy Policy of E-SENS

The Site, the Services and the activities of E-SENS may evolve. As a result, it may be necessary for E-SENS to make changes to its Privacy Policy. E-SENS reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. E-SENS invites Customers to visit and read this Privacy Policy on a regular basis, especially before providing Personal Data or Measures. Continuing to use the Site, after modification or revision of its Privacy Policy, constitutes acceptance of said changes.