Meet the brains of the operation.

The e-sens Cartridge

Key Features

Why It Works

The Right Data = The Right Decisions

Testing the right parameters and collecting relevant data allows you to have an accurate view of the water supply and to take swift action to fix any standards violations or public hazards and make key technology or infrastructure decisions. The e-sens system gathers the most important data, making it available for analysis in real-time so you can keep your constituents safe and your organization’s reputation healthy.

The e-sens app has a built in compliance feature to alert users if their parameters are out of spec.

A New Day for Water Testing

Get a complete and accurate view of your water quality with ZERO waste. Each cartridge comes pre-loaded with 8 or 23 different testing parameters and provides accurate data in a fraction of the time. Results display on your smartphone in real-time and can be shared immediately.

Our app ensures user compliance by collecting geolocation data, as well as:
-Timestamp data

Save Time and Cost

Each e-sens Cartridge is good for 100 testing cycles, saving
you thousands of dollars over using expensive, dated testing methods
and reducing test time drastically. e-sens also provides you with
automatic cartridge reordering so you always have them in stock.

You can collect results on 3 times as many parameters in a fraction of the time.

100 Testing Cycles Per Cartridge!

Water testing in a fraction of the time!

Save Thousands Each Year!

Technical Specifications