Water Testing Technology

The Need for Better Water Testing Technology

April 18, 2023 | By | News

If you’re in the water testing industry, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to testing and monitoring the quality of your community’s water. But with modern life becoming increasingly reliant on up-to-date technology, the water testing industry has been stuck in past. Clean water is vital to our communities and there must be a more efficient way to ensure the water around us is safe.

So, let’s jump into 3 reasons why the water testing industry needs newer, faster technology.


The Current State of Water Testing Technology

There are many challenges associated with technology in the water testing industry. The most used technology dates back decades and is nowhere near capable of accurately and efficiently testing our water. For years, water testing has been a manual process, making accurate results increasingly difficult to obtain as measurements are prone to human error.

On top of that, these outdated tests can often take hours or even days to return results – an issue in itself as pollutants may very well have changed the composition of the water sample by the time results are obtained.


The Benefits of Newer, Faster Technology

At e-sens, our revolutionary technology has a myriad of benefits. With ROAM’s improved accuracy and reliability, water treatment facilities can rest assured knowing the results they receive are up to standards. Furthermore, this new technology can measure over 20 different parameters in one single test while giving you results in just 15 minutes. That’s an impossible task when done manually.

Faster technology also means significant cost savings as time spent processing samples and costs associated with manual labor significantly decrease. All in all, newer, faster water testing technology is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Why Invest in Up-to-Date Technology?

Investing in modern water testing technology is essential to staying current and competitive. With the ongoing advancement of technology, there’s no reason to lag when it comes to accurately testing water quality. e-sens’ state-of-the-art technologies offer far more accurate results, which can increase safety levels and further protect the public from potential health hazards.

On top of that, investing in the latest devices and methodologies will also reinforce the trustworthiness of your organization, bolstering the reputation of the entire water testing industry. By ensuring you’re using reliable technologies and procedures, you’ll be setting yourself up for success as well as contributing towards a better future for everyone.

Ultimately, the variety of benefits provided through our water testing breakthroughs makes investing in up-to-date technology clearly worth it. If you’re ready to take your water testing operations to a whole new level, then it’s time to explore e-sens. Check out our products today and see for yourself what new water testing technology has to offer!