At e-SENS, we believe that the possibilities of silicon technology continue to be realized. Silicon enables low cost, integration, small form-factors, improved reliability, electronic read-out and a myriad of additional benefits. Silicon technology has transformed the rotary phone to smart phones and tube displays to flat panels. Chemical sensing is another space ripe for disruption and innovation by leveraging silicon technology where the current analytical techniques date back over a century.

e-SENS technology is based on over three decades of research and development of microfabricated solid-state chemical sensors. The e-SENS “lab-on-a-chip” employs electrochemical techniques and includes potentiometric sensors, which are similar to single-analyte macro-scale ion-selective sensors, amperometric sensors and a temperature sensor, all on a single silicon substrate. e-SENS holds a world-wide exclusive license from the University of Michigan for the intellectual property associated with this research.

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